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My cat has no sympathy for this condition. He considers it a superior way of living, an acquired taste, an elegant life choice. He looks disdainfully at my melancholy. If I fill his food bowl, clean his litter and give him a treat, he will show me how to enjoy window views and play with the drapery cords. Life is what you make it. He’s getting along fine.

Normally I enjoy living alone. Control of the remote and a freezer full of nukeable foods are just part of the perks. Nobody cares if my dirty socks pile up. I run the dishwasher only when I’m out of clean forks. Paper plates come in seasonal designs. Amazon delivers. And when I change my sheets, I flip over the pillowcases and only wash them every other time. It’s not laziness, it’s efficiency. Turn up the heat, turn down the air, who is going to know? Nirvana is living alone.

Netflix and chill feels different when it is not a choice. I realize I am dependent upon the building cafeteria. I made a foray into a supermarket and bought peanut butter, crackers, parmesan cheese and a box of wine. I bought macaroni and cheese too, but didn’t realize that I need milk and butter for that. Neither do I have all the fixings for a sandwich. I miss the salad bar and my bottled ice tea. I miss piping hot french fries. I miss the news back when there was more than one topic coverage. I miss having a meal out with colleagues or friends or even a frenemy. I want sports scores. I want freedom. I want my life back.

A week into self-isolation and I have cabin fever. Life feels deserted. I am chaffing at the loss of control. I am exasperated at the uncertainty of how long this could last. I am terrified of all the people hoarding guns and ammunition. My mood can go careening out of control if I don’t rein it in. There must be something I can do. My four legged fur ball circles his water dish, dreaming of ice cubes. A simple thing makes him happy. I can be grateful.

I am grateful for leadership. Queen Elizabeth and Tom Hanks are my new heroes. I am in awe of the medical personnel and caregivers risking their health and their lives to fight the scourge, and grateful there are so many willing to do it. I am grateful for spring and for tulips and daffodils. I am grateful for puppy dog videos and the rhythmic sounds of rain against the windows. I am grateful for creativity. I can learn anything on YouTube. I love my kindle. I am able bodied and symptom free. And I live in America and we will come roaring back when this is over. I am grateful.

So I will enjoy the empty streets and the cavernous elevators. I will plan my next vacation. This will not last forever. And compared to the real hardships and loss in the world, I am outrageously lucky. I can survive Self-Isolation Cabin Fever.

“We are often asked about our name – Team Wendy and where it came from. We thought we would share this video from a recent Case Western University Concussion Summit that Team Wendy sponsored. The video speaks for itself and the importance we place here at our company on honoring the memory of Wendy Moore.”

– Team Wendy

Dan T. Moore Company is pleased to announce the opening of a new sales, marketing, and technical office in the Detroit area to serve the needs of our customers in the transportation industry.  The office is located at 850 Stevenson Highway in Troy, Michigan and will house the commercial teams from three portfolio companies: Polyfill, Soundwich, and Delaware Dynamics.

About Dan T. Moore Company

Dan T. Moore Company was founded in Cleveland, OH with the guiding principle of finding and solving unmet industrial needs.  Operating as a family office, they leverage extensive internal R&D capabilities to improve the manufacturing processes of their portfolio companies.  DTM Co. continues to create value through innovative products and strategic acquisitions.  They currently manage 18 portfolio companies and oversee a total of 28 non-controlling private equity investments.

Soundwich, Polyfill, and Delaware Dynamics are all members of the Dan T. Moore Company Automotive Group.


850 Stevenson Highway
Suite 450
Troy, Michigan  48083

For additional information contact Dave Dippoliti at 248-326-5345.

107 110 111 Detroit Office

DTMCo opened the new employee gym,“The Sweatshop,” located on the east side of the 17000 St Clair CiiC facility, to employees on the afternoon of July 31st.  Launched with a speech from fearless leader Dan, attendees who signed up for a key received a swagbag that included a water bottle, retractable earbuds and a drawstring bag to use at the new employee gym – which despite the name is actually air conditioned.

Sign up to use the gym requires a $10 refundable key deposit, and completion of a responsibility waiver.  Like all shared facilities, there are some rules for usage to protect the equipment and keep the site clean for all.   Lockers are available outside the gym, and the nearby restrooms are equipped with showers.  Entrance to the gym is from the Ecowise doorway on the east side of the CiiC facility.

The employee gym is the latest improvement to the CiiC facility, brought to us by the Joe Laumer, Dawn Hauserman, Sonny Battaglia, and the “can do” building crew at CiiC.  It features bright lights, a tall ceiling, cheerful colors, rubberized gym floor, inspirational wall décor, and an interesting array of equipment.  Gym hours are 6:00 am to 6:00pm weekdays!

DSC00987 DSC00999 DSC01004 DSC01006

Go to work a little early or stay late to enjoy the new workout space at CiiC!  Located in the new “Sandbox” addition in building #1, next to EcoWise’s offices, the space is ready for action.

Featuring aerobic exercise equipment – treadmills, ellipticals, even a spin bike – as well as dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, the gym space awaits your donation of sweat.

Hours will be from 6am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Let us know if there is additional equipment you would like to see in the space.  We will try our best to accommodate all requests on a first come, first served basis.



Dan has been on motorcycle adventures all around the world.  Visit his blog for hundreds of pictures and his thoughts and reflections on each trip.
Dan T. Moore Journeys

“This year’s trip is from Cape Town, South Africa to Alexandria, Egypt with nine additional countries in between. It will take approximately 70 days and cover approximately 16,000 km. The approximate route is shown on the map below.”cape_to_cairo_approx_route