The principles and philosophy of a family OFFICE

Dan T. Moore Company looks for manufacturing companies that have a proprietary technological edge.  This approach enables us to develop companies into a niche and grow with the support of our 18 other portfolio companies.  Traditionally, we have been value buyers and have proven our capabilities in multiple turn-around situations.  Being a family-owned management company, we are not bound by any operating agreements that dictate the size of the deal, the type of company, or industry segment that we take on.

Traditionally, we have worked in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial markets making controlling investments in companies below $100 million in revenue.  Our unique family-based model allows us to build companies and work with existing management without having to cater to outside investors or investment funds.

With a long-term approach to new investments, we focus on finding growth.  We look for value-driven situations where we can contribute to management and operations with our various subsidiaries and unique expertise.  Our extensive network and experience with companies helps to open doors and improve performance.  Our policies and methodologies create the structure for long-term growth in the companies that we choose to work with.


Our experience is in manufacturing.  We are interested in companies in the Automotive, Defense, and Specialty/Advanced Materials sectors.


In turn-around and difficult business situations, there is no one-size that can sum up everyone.  Our interests generally fall from $0MM to $100MM in Revenue and $0MM to  $15MM in EBITDA.


Our extensive Cleveland facilities and management teams make the Midwest preferable, but we are flexible to other areas as well as managing a relocation to our Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center.