Grand Opening of Employee Gym

DTMCo opened the new employee gym,“The Sweatshop,” located on the east side of the 17000 St Clair CiiC facility, to employees on the afternoon of July 31st.  Launched with a speech from fearless leader Dan, attendees who signed up for a key received a swagbag that included a water bottle, retractable earbuds and a drawstring bag to use at the new employee gym – which despite the name is actually air conditioned.

Sign up to use the gym requires a $10 refundable key deposit, and completion of a responsibility waiver.  Like all shared facilities, there are some rules for usage to protect the equipment and keep the site clean for all.   Lockers are available outside the gym, and the nearby restrooms are equipped with showers.  Entrance to the gym is from the Ecowise doorway on the east side of the CiiC facility.

The employee gym is the latest improvement to the CiiC facility, brought to us by the Joe Laumer, Dawn Hauserman, Sonny Battaglia, and the “can do” building crew at CiiC.  It features bright lights, a tall ceiling, cheerful colors, rubberized gym floor, inspirational wall décor, and an interesting array of equipment.  Gym hours are 6:00 am to 6:00pm weekdays!

DSC00987 DSC00999 DSC01004 DSC01006

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