ThermaShield™ Embossed Material

ThermaShield™ SampleThermaShield™ Thermal Properties

ThermaShield™ Sample


ThermaShield™ is Soundwich’s ultra-high performance, patented, single or multi-layer thermal and acoustical heat shield, which are utilized in multiple automotive, industrial and recreational applications. ThermaShields™ various materials, unique thickness and emissivity values are engineered to customer requirements.  It’s combination creates product advantages such as; significant temperature  decrease across the shield and acoustical dampening of engine and exhaust resonant frequencies.



  •  Does not ring or resonate, providing acoustical damping of engine and exhaust noise
  • Flexible design and manufacturing process enables meeting customer’s specific thermal needs
  • Durable and resistant to automotive environments
  • Exhaust manifolds and takedown pipes
  • Turbo outlet pipes, catalytic converters and diesel SCR
  • Exhaust cross over pipes/Chassis/Underhood