ThermaPatch™ SampleThermaPatch™ Aluminum Layer

ThermaPatch™ Fiber Material


ThermaPatch™ is a flexible, multi-layered, stick-on heat-shield that provides a cost-effective and easy to install alternative to all-metal heat-shields. It combines a reflective aluminum surface with layers of nonwoven fibers, along with pressure sensitive adhesive, making direct attachment easy. ThermaPatch’s innate flexible structure can conform to the dynamic curvatures and shapes of various automotive, industrial and recreational applications.



  •  Provides a simple and low-cost solution for mid-temperature thermal shielding applications
  • Flexible structure of ThermaPatch™ can conform to various curvatures and shapes
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows for direct attachment to most automotive surfaces
  • Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Line
  • Brake Line
  • Engine Motor Mounts
  • Spare Tire and Body Structures