EXFIL® Carbon Helmet

EXFIL® Carbon Bump Helmet

EXFIL® Carbon Front View

EXFIL® Carbon Right Side View

EXFIL® Carbon Back View

EXFIL® Carbon Inside View


The EXFIL® Carbon is designed with the wearer in mind. Its lightweight carbon fiber shell provides protection, while still ensuring wearer agility. The high cut shell allows clearance for hearing protection and communication headsets. It offers two different pre-installed liner system options, and features T-slots for custom mounting.


  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Shell for high strength
  • CAM FIT™ retention system and Boa® Closure System for optimized fit
  • Zorbium® Foam Liner or TPU Hybrid Liner for customizable comfort
  • Wilcox® W shroud for night vision mounts
  • Rear bungee for goggle strap securing
  • External loop for counterweight, beacon light, and ID patch mounting
  • Rail 2.0 Accessory Mounting System
    • Compatible with all EXFIL accessories
    • Includes two MAGPUL MOE picatinny style rails
    • Rear webbing slot for counterweight and goggle strap retainer
    • Includes shock cord kit for stabilizing NVG
    • T-slots for limitless custom mounting options

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