EXFIL® Ballistic Helmet

EXFIL® Ballistic Helmet

EXFIL® Ballistic Front View

EXFIL® Ballistic Right Side View

EXFIL® Ballistic Back View

EXFIL® Ballistic Inside View


The EXFIL® Ballistic is the first ballistic helmet offered by Team Wendy. Its feature characteristic is a hybrid composite shell designed with unique geometry for strength and protection against all forms of impact. Combined with its retention system, foam liner, and mounting capabilities, the EXFIL® Ballistic provides optimal fit and protection.


  • Hybrid Composite Shell with ballistic, fragment, and blunt impact performance capabilities
  • Boltless CAM‐FIT™ Retention System and Boa® Closure System for optimized fit
  • Zorbium® foam liner with 16 customizable comfort pad sets in two thicknesses
  • Wilcox® W Shroud for Night Vision mounting
  • Rail 2.0 Accessory Mounting System
    • Compatible with all EXFIL® accessories
    • Includes two MAGPUL MOE® picatinny style rails
    • Rear webbing slot for counterweight and goggle strap retainer
    • Includes shock cord kit for stabilizing NVG
    • T‐slots for limitless custom mounting options

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