AcoustaDamp™ SampleAcoustaDamp™ Sample AcoustaDamp™ Sample AcoustaDamp™ Sample Application


AcoustaDamp™ is a heat expandable material used in constrained layer damping systems or patch constrained layer systems. During the electro-coat process, AcoustaDamp™ expands to ensure complete contact between the body-in-white structure and constraining layer. The resulting combined structure provides vibrational damping and improved stiffness that can be customized to client specifications and utilized in various automotive applications.



  •  Die-Cut Polymer Sheet
  • Attached to substrate via Welding, Stapling or Adhesive
  • Up to 250% volumetric expansion
  • High Damping Rate
  • Increases Local Stiffness
  • Provides Corrosion Resistance to Body Panels
  • Wheel House
  • Plenum
  • Oil Pan
  • Dash Panel
  • Floor Pan