Delaware Dynamics: The World Tour of Dan T. Moore Company

The first chapter of the Dan T. Moore Company story is rooted in its hometown Cleveland, but the second chapter has a new setting. Here is where we explore the next plot point on our World Tour map– Delaware Dynamics. Located in Muncie, Indiana, Delaware Dynamics wears the Dan T. Moore Company stamp with pride from across the state border. They are largest producer of die cast molds in North America, providing clean sheet design, complete die manufacturing, and sampling capability for all the automotive OEM’s in the USA as well as several OEM transplants and Tier 1 automotive manufacturers. Delaware concentrates on engine block, powertrain, and structural die casting programs.

Much like the facility at 17000 St. Clair Ave, the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center, the facility at 700 S. Muncie St illustrates the story behind the company operating within—its growth in size, market, and employees. Since 2011, Delaware has invested over 7 million dollars in equipment, software, and Delaware Dynamics supporting technologies, further strengthening its leadership role as the premier high pressure die casting mold builder in North America.  An additional 50,000 square feet makes Delaware 220,000 square feet strong with an employee count approaching 175.  Delaware is continuously searching for high quality people to supplement its experienced technical staff.

Current Day Delaware

The development of the DD workforce has continued until the present day, as evident by their list of current job openings.  At the moment, Delaware is looking for an Engineering Intern, a Mill Machinist, and two Stick Welders. Cassandra McClelland, the Dan T. Moore Company Recruiting Manager, took a hands on approach when notified of these openings. She drove to Muncie, Indiana, taking a week to learn about the facility and how she could better recruit for the company’s needs. When asked what was the most striking aspect about her visit, she answered, “Their commitment to discovering and implementing the newest and most state-of-the-art technology.”

Cutting Edge Technology

Delaware’s dedication to acting as innovators in the die cast industry is not a novel concept. They have been consistently aiming to be the best by discovering the best. “Delaware is committed to strengthening its leadership role in the die casting industry.  It is paramount to develop employees internally and recruit the next wave of talent.  It is vital to advance our technologies and provide the roadmap for our customers and their ability to advance their competitive position.  Standing still in a global marketplace is not the answer.  We have been, are, and will continue to be the definitive source for companies looking for large complex die casting mold design, manufacturing, sampling, process development, and R&D….” said Ryan Haas of the past and current investment.

Please visit their website for more information on how Delaware Dynamics can provide your die cast tooling solutions.

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