The Fab Lab : The Innovative Process at Dan T. Moore Company

If you found yourself wandering through the basement of the Cleveland Industrial Innovations Center, home of many Dan T. Moore Co. affiliate companies, you would see a maze of hallways filled with black doors.  In the center of building one, however, you would find yourself captivated by a bright red door, the entrance to the Dan T. Moore Company Fab Lab.

What’s behind the red door?

Following the inventive spirit of DTMCo.’s slogan, “Industrial Innovations,” the Fabricational Laboratory  is a space dedicated to the creative process, or a makerspace. It houses a myriad of tools, machines, and equipment. You can find anything you could imagine you would need to build whatever your heart desires. Pictured below are examples of some of the machines available in the Fab Lab, including a lathe, disc sander, and milling machine. The accessories and general tools required for the use of this machinery are provided. Safety equipment is provided too. The Fab Lab rules require protective gear and dress at all times. Although safety comes first, creativity comes second. Sanding, cutting, metalworking—all can be accomplished hereeven motorcycle rebuilding!

Who can use the fab lab?

Dan T. Moore III himself built his own motorcycle at the young age of fourteen. He established the Fab Lab in 2015 with the hopes of inspiring the same innovation in his community. With access to such a creativity-provoking environment, DTMCo. employees have the opportunity to contribute directly to the company’s overall purpose and growth. The ideas envisioned behind this red door could possibly hold the potential to transform the industry, even in the smallest way. It is this principle that has lead the company to its success. Please visit the Our Story page to learn why innovation and the Fab Lab’s inspiration is vital to Dan T. Moore Company.

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