Delaware Dynamics and AHP Merkle announce North American Distribution Agreement

Strategic agreement to propel AHP Merkle Cylinder technology in die casting industry! 

US, Canada, Mexico

AHP Merkle GmbH and Delaware Dynamics LLC signed a strategic distribution agreement in late July focusing on the die casting industry in North America. Delaware will market the Merkle cylinder line in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. “The agreement between Delaware and Merkle marks two companies with industry leading technology, internal capabilities to deliver paradigm shifting products, and a desire to spearhead advancements in production and design of complex die cast tooling,” says Ryan, Haas, CEO of Delaware Dynamics. “We employ the cutting edge technology of the Merkle cylinders internally and have found unique and distinct advantages in design, performance and durability.

“Our core business of delivering the best in large complex die cast tooling will not change. But this agreements now allows Delaware to forge relationships with companies outside our technical segment, and share technical advantages that will contribute to others’ success.”
-Ryan Haas


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